The Goal

The Goal of the Grill-a-Chef Project: To get more people in their own kitchens and keep them there.  Instilling the freedom to see a great meal through a pile of ingredients and empowering them to fill tummies everywhere with great food.

This is a flash presentation, you have to click the arrow and give it a second to load. Then move your cursor over the word "more" and select "fullscreen"    It is best to click through at your own pace.  (In other words don't use the "Autoplay" option. )

Advice from scratch, helping people help themselves eat better! 

Acting as Grill-A-Chef personally I guide cooks through their own kitchens, in order to encourage cooking and eating well. I offer free advice in the form of tips, recipes, fundamental techniques and simple demos.   Use an unfamiliar ingredient, try a new style... I hope to inspire creativity in the kitchen and to help your ideas to the table!

Keep in mind, Grill-a-Chef is a service and as of now generates no revenue.  If anyone out there sees the potential in Grill-a-Chef and wants to contribute, then please hit me up.  I'm always looking for collaborators and am open to ideas. 
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