The Goal

The Goal of the Grill-a-Chef Project: To get more people in their own kitchens and keep them there.  Instilling the freedom to see a great meal through a pile of ingredients and empowering them to fill tummies everywhere with great food.

Advice from scratch, helping people help themselves eat better! 

Acting as "Grill-A-Chef" I personally guide cooks through their own kitchens, in order to encourage cooking and eating well. I offer free advice in the form of tips, recipes, fundamental techniques and simple demos.   Use an unfamiliar ingredient, try a new style... I hope to inspire creativity in the kitchen and to help your ideas to the table!

Keep in mind, Grill-a-Chef is a service and as of now generates no revenue.  If anyone out there sees the potential in Grill-a-Chef and wants to contribute, then please hit me up.  I'm always looking for collaborators and am open to ideas. 
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Creative Commons License
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