Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sieze the season!!!!

We're deep into summer, the time of year that farms are cranking out more produce than they know what to do with. And this is the time to pass up the grocery store and find the closest farmers' market.
One trip will have you thinking differently about produce. Now is when all the time sensitive stuff is at its best. Some of the fruits and vegetables that are exploding now, like corn, berries, broccoli and even potatoes are the ones that have a tendency to change once they're picked. Nutrition is lost, enzymes shut down, and sugars turn to carbohydrates. If you can score these f0ods close to the source, its like heaven in a bite.
For other produce that ripens further once picked, such as tomatoes and peaches. You might be fortunate enough to snag a varietal that has NOT had that trait bred out of it. Conventional peaches have been bred to ripen very slowly {if at all}, making them suitable for a long car ride or say, a game of stick ball. Your typical tomato is picked green and gassed for color, but not much flavor. There is no substitute for a truly vine ripened tomato!
What you can find in a farmers market right now will remind what real produce is (or isn't), not to mention the socio-economical benefits of supporting your local farmers.

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