Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fine design in the kitchen

Every once in a blue moon a simple product comes out that reminds that what we've been using all along kinda just sucked. In the last few years Oxo has introduced a few items in particular that make time in the kitchen a little easier.
1. The pepper mill:
The typical model: While it got the job done, it's list of flaws is not short. The adjustable feature, changed by rotating a knob, was rough and produced an uneven grind, and because you have to turn a pepper mill, the setting often changes during use. You never know when you need to fill it up and they are usually difficult load, due to a small hole. Finally, the pepper comes out of the bottom, leaving a ring of pepper wherever you set it down.
The Oxo model ($19.99): They literally turned the whole thing upside down, fixing all these problems. Fixed grind sizes that stay that way. Clear sides so you know when you need more pepper, and a large, easy to fill opening. To top it off, the pepper comes out of the top. Super simple fixes for a very superior tool.

2. The sink stopper.
The old model: You almost never think about it. It's the last thing you get to after a night of cooking at home. The wire mesh model is practically disposable, and it has to be. Food gets caught in the wire, which is very difficult to clean well. Wet food hanging out at the bottom of your sink is NOT a good thing. and the only real solution is to bang against the trash can in hope of dislodging the gunk. Even a cycle in the dishwasher may disinfect, but it doesn't really remove the the bits of food.
The Oxo model: ($7.99) Problem solved. It has a silicon strainer, that functions to prevent stuff from going down the drain, but it's so easy to clean. The strainer reverses for super easy cleaning. What's more is that the one in this picture is a little over two years old, and I don't expect to poop out anytime soon.
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