Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do I make a simple lobster pasta sauce?

This is a tricky one, the ingredients themselves are not that hard to come by. However, finding quality indgredients for it is key and can be very tricky. So keep that in mind. Overcooked lobster and bland stock will not make a good lobster sauce. {You can also prepare them yourself—That’s gonna be the topic of the next newsletter}

Simple Lobster Sauce

1 Leek, Julienned (nix the dark green part and that closest to the root)

½ cup Lobster stock

1 tbsp Tomato paste

1 tbsp Cognac

Meat from one lobster, roughly chopped.

1 tbsp Butter

3 tbsps Herbs (Basil, tarragon, thyme, chervil, parsley or any combination of these)

½ lb. Fresh Pasta, (I’m using fettuccine here, but papardelle or fresh spaghetti would work great as well)

1. Over medium heat, sauté the leeks until slightly sweated out.

2. Add the lobster stock, tomato paste and cognac. Reduce this mix until it comes together, You want it thick enough to stick to your noodles.

3. Add the lobster, stirring quickly until it is just warmed through. You REALLY don’t want it to get tough or stringy.

4. Toss in the *cooked* pasta with the butter and herbs (and maybe a squirt of extra virgen olive oil) Taste for salt and Enjoy.

Note there is no liquid running off onto the plate, all of the flavor is stuck to the pasta. Also, special thanks to my neighbors for being desperate enough to leave their basil plant with me.

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