Monday, July 11, 2011

Stop and Taste the Produce

This is becoming a yearly post for me, but since we have a few more readers, I feel the need to keep posting. 
Grill-a-Chef provides help with cooking free of agenda, the idea being to give individuals the info they need. There is no subscript of eating more ethically, politically, or healthfully - though cooking well tends to go hand in hand with those issues. My main objective is delicious, and I do what I can to attain it.
It's summer, now is the time of year to embrace your local produce and be reminded how much better local can be.  Yes, you can find quality at your farmer's market year around, but now is that time to enjoy those delicate ingredients that don't travel so well and those ingredients that are best eaten freshly picked.
And yes, it might even cost more than what you find at a super market, but if you spring for a peach or cherry or tomato, you won't be disappointed.  Starting with such delicious ingredients will remind you how easy cooking can be.
So please, for the sake of food, don't just drive by the next farmer's market you see, stop and taste the produce. 
"Real" peaches are far too delicate to make a long trip.

The sugars in corn start to turn into starches the minute it's removed from the stalk.
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