Sunday, October 18, 2009

I need a new way to prepare kale, any ideas?

It's good to eat your greens, and a lot of people are trying hard to, but unless you find a way to mix it up, it's hard to stay interested.
Most people go for stewed or steamed, but you have another option: roasting.
It lets you appreciate greens in a whole new manner. Leaving you with tasty, darker, even crispy tidbits.

Roasted kale and root vegetables

1 Bunch Kale
1 lb. Potatoes (I used a mix)
1 lb. Root vegetavbles (I used rutabaga, but carrots, parsnips, sweetpotato, etc. would do)
1 Medium onion
1 tbsp. Garlic powder
Vegetable Oil (I used grapeseed oil)

1. Roughly chop the kale, and dice the root veg into 3/4 inch cubes.
2. Toss everything together. Coat with oil and season liberally with salt.

3a. Preheat your oven and a metal sheet pan to 450 degrees. Spread the kale and vegetables evenly over the pan. It should not pile up, if it does, start a second pan.
4a. Roast, tossing every eight minutes or so, for around 30 minutes, or until the vegetables are cooked and nicely browned.


3b. Heat a large heavy bottomed skillet (preferably cast iron) over medium high heat.
4b. Using this same heat, brown slowly (like homefries) tossing every 3-5 minutes, being sure to scrape the bottom, until nicely browned.

5. Enjoy it!

Shown with roasted broccoli and crushed kabocha (from the newsletter)
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