Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dynamic Duo

Curry paste and coconut milk. They may not be on the pantry forefront, but if you dig deep enough you’ll always find them at my house. I’m a fan of the maesri brand, they have a wide variety of curry pastes, available for under a dollar a can. And there are no funky unnatural ingredients such as colors, sugars or msg.***

Together they make a foundation on which you can lay just about any combination of vegetables and protein . . . even fruit. When I find myself with an awkward mix of vegetation in my fridge, It almost always becomes a curry.

I just sauté some onion ad garlic (and ginger if it’s around) add a tablespoon of the curry paste, toast the whole mix just a bit and add the coconut milk, and then simmer the protein (meat/fish/seafood/tofu) and voila!

You have a great meal.

***Upon further investigation. The sour curry pictured above actually has some msg. I picked it up to try a new flavor and haven't yet cracked it open. None of the other flavors I've come across contain msg.

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