Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The future of food . . . .

I went to hear a discussion last night on the where food will be in 30 years.
It was pretty interesting and certainly thought provoking. To summarize, there are basically two tectonic plates juxtaposed: the food machine (industry, fast food, factory farms) and what I would call food de-evolutionists (People presenting very sound arguments for returning to heirloom seeds, breed & techniques;maybe not the best word, but I consider myself one) rubbing against each other.
This "Grill-a-Chef" project doesn't have any kind of outright political agenda. I just want for people to cook more; plain and simple. However, the reasons behind why I think cooking is so important quickly become weighed down with morals. Cooking is important for a slew of reasons, socio-economical, emotional and physical health, environmental etc. etc.
The best part is it tastes good.
I won't stand on my soapbox all day, but please know that I love cooking. I wish we would all take it on a little more. Grill-a-chef is here to facilitate that process on all levels.
There are other people out there doing the same thing. Jamie Oliver gave a good speech on It's mostly about changing people's cooking/eating habits starting in schools. It's inspiring.
I'm keeping my eye out for other people doing the same thing and ways to apply existing resources to this goal.
If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.
Otherwise please keep cooking. It is so much more than delicious.

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