Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day Recap

As we're all kind of returning to the real world and at the same time bundling up and bracing ourselves for another holiday (I wish they had given us a little more time between thanksgiving and xmas) I always take a second to remember what a great day my turkey day was.  It was a loose take on an Austrian feast. 

Note: the whole meal was followed by a delicious carrot cake and pies made with home grown fruit. I was too busy eating to capture any of it on film.  Maybe next year.

Here's what our meal was composed of:
A Turkey "Roll-up"- I de-boned a turkey, brined and stuffed it with itself, sausage and gave it a bacon center.

Gma's famous cranberry salad.
A pile of roasted venison, provided by my uncle.  It was served with a sherry raisin sauce. 

Boiled baby potatoes slossed in sour cream, grainy mustard and herbs. 

Brussels sprouts with sour apples and bacon.
Classic Stuffing lots of veggies and herbs.

The Family Matriarch tending to the spread.

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