Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cut Your Chopping Time

When ever a recipe charges you with "slicing thinly" a long thin ingredient such as a scallion or a ramp. Keep this in mind - always double up when you can.  The same goes for if you're julienning thin slabs of something. You should stack them when you can.  It will cut your chopping time in half.  Now, this could be perceived as an arbitrary measure to take, but if you have to crank out four quarts worth of thinly sliced ramps then cutting your time in half is a very big deal. 
It seems very self-explanatory, I know, but it is more about the mentality than it is the practice.  Learning to recognize when you can make things move faster in the kitchen will make cooking a more approachable thing.

Here's an example: if you're slicing three ramps - rather than slice your way through the length of all three . . .

Half them cross-wise  . . .

and lay them next to each other.
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