Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get More Juice From Your Citrus Squeeze

With citrus prices sky-rocketing, there's a little more incentive to effectively season your gin & tonic.  One extra slice can make squeezing easier and help you extract more juice from whatever it is that you're squeezing.
If you look closely at any citrus fruit, you'll see hundreds of little cone-shaped vesicles.  This is where all of the juice is hiding out.  When you cut a strait wedge out of a lime, all of these vesicles are intact and so when you go to squeeze, the force is distributed among the vesicles and that results in more effort on your part and less juice as a reward for all of that effort.  A simple incision along the corner of the wedge will open the tips of all the vesicles, letting all of the juice flow out when prompted by your pinch. 
Who knew such a simple slice could lead to a better cocktail.

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