Thursday, December 22, 2011

How I pick my songs for my newsletter . . . .

For everyone out there that reads my newsletter I hope you listen to the song I put there with it.  (if you don't read the newsletter you can sign up for it on the right over there, It's coming out tomorrow!-->)
I spend almost as much time searching for what I consider to be the right song as I do writing the newsletter.
And it always stems, directly and indirectly, from searching for the topic of the newsletter followed by the word "song".   I always strive to find a song that is actually nice to listen to (for the majority anyways) and is hopefully something that few of us have yet discovered. 

This is this months newsletter song, and I think it's beautiful.

Cibelle - Green Grass - Official Video from Orquestra Galante on Vimeo.
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