Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help me bring home the bacon!

As many of you know, this whole project generates no revenue at all, but I love it and I'd hate to see it go by the wayside because of that fact. So I'm testing different possibilities.

This Friday I'll be stationed at the Union Square Greenmarket from 9am-1ish, but it wont be the usual drill. There is a real possibility of turning this concept into a television show. Friday's appearance at the market will be my time to shine for the potential producers. There will be a small camera crew, so I need to make a real showing. I'm asking anyone and everyone out there to please swing by.
Bring a cooking question or whatever's been troubling you in the kitchen.

Did dinner go surprisingly well last night . . . or terrible wrong? Bring in a sample and we'll assess the situation.

I'll take whatever you can throw at me.

Be there or be square,
I appreciate everyone's help with this.

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