Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beer Dinner to Benefit a New York Rooftop Farmer

If you live here long enough, it's easy to walk down almost any New York City street and forget that there are no trees in sight. In the real world, it's all a dandelion sprout can do to survive foot traffic and constipated canines. So, when word spreads about a rooftop oasis of green, we can only stare at brick and mortar and wonder if they're really up there.Well they are. And oasis? Well, there’s not a better word.

It's a little surreal. Standing in the manicured entrance to an office building next to a couple of dudes covered in dirt. Your mind runs wild with scenarios of who they are and why they're there. What's really happening out in Long Island City up towards the sky? Ben Flanner is running a full-on farm from the roof top of a commercial structure. It's called: “Brooklyn Grange.” Along with some great conventional items, there are more unique items dangling from plants: little purple tomatillos, and fresh “green” coriander seeds. Ben cranks out some pretty great stuff up there, and it's harvest time.

On Sunday, September 26th there's going to be a harvest dinner hosted at Jimmy's no. 43, and please excuse the shameless self-promotion, but I'm gonna cook the thing. With the help of Samuel Merrit, we'll be pairing beers from nano and nomad breweries with local tasty bites like smoked trout, apple and dandelion salad and lamb shank tagine, utilizing produce from Brooklyn Grange Farm. Here's the Menu along with the beers and brewers:

Circulated (w/ Old Walt Smoked Wit Beer)

Smoked Trout, Dandelion*, and Apple on a Fingerling

Turkish Lamb Tar Tare with Labne and Citrus

Heirloom Radishes with Anchovy Butter and Sage

Park it (w/ Bulkhead Red)

Panzanella with Shaved Squash, Dandelion*, Sorrel*, and

Cato Corner Farm’s Drunk Monk Cheese

Family Style (w/ Hopnami IPA)

Lamb Shank Tagine with Root Vegetables, Dried Fruit and Almonds

Middle eastern Comndiments on the Table:

Muhammaja*, Purslane Tatziki, Green Tomato Harissa*

Something Sweet (w/ Baby Tree)

Sticky Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Spiced Gelato and Old Walt “Head”

Dark Chocolate w/ Nibs on the Table

Fresh Coriander Seed is an openly aromatic spice. Almost like a cross between
regular coriander seed and green peppercorn. There's nothing like it.

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