Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's set.
I'm going to be teaching classes over at Astor Center. Here are the class descriptions.

Know Your Knife- B.Y.O.K
Sat. Nov. 23rd (Get Tickets Here)
Are you having trouble at the cutting board? This is the class for you. Stepping up your knife know-how can really speed things up in the kitchen. This hands-on class is designed to simplify all of the slicing and dicing that might otherwise scare you away from a recipe. Plan to bring your own knife and anything you use to maintain it. Expect to learn everything you ever wanted to know about knives but were afraid to ask. We’ll cover proper knife care including; maintenance, honing, and how to actually sharpen your own blade.
Once your knife is sharp, you’ll practice all of the classic cuts and some not-so-classic cuts. All of your efforts will yield some tasty dishes too. Learn how to make a bright five-onion pho with ginger beef tartare, followed by a potato “risotto” with duck hash. We will also be making a winter vegetable caponata with grilled fish and a gooey chocolate bread pudding to top it all off.

Everything Tastes Like Chicken
Sat. Dec 18th (get tickets here)
In this class we’ll cover everything chicken! We’ll talk about how our winged friends are raised, what sets one breed apart from another, and show you how to read and fully understand a poultry label (a surprisingly tricky endeavor). We’ll cover how to take a bird apart piece by piece and then go over how to properly cook each and every morsel.
We’ll make a perfectly a poached breast in apple cider to accompany southern fried leg quarters. We’ll make a silky liver pate and learn the ins and outs to making a truly great stock. The stock will go into an Eastern European chicken soup with herb speatzle and we’ll finish it all off with a Moroccan chicken tagine.
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