Sunday, May 15, 2011

Braised Radishes

Radishes have met a similar fate as the cucumber, locked in American's mind as an ingredient that is only consumed raw.  Cooked radishes can be a very beautiful thing, and often catch diners off guard.
Next time you have guests over, give this recipe a try and I guarantee you'll garner gabbing about your gastronomic gifts.
 (Anyone a big fan of alliteration? 'cause it ain't easy!)

Braised Radishes

1 bunch radishes, washed and quartered
1 bunch ramps, cleaned and trimmed of roots, slice them thinly and keep the pink parts (stems) separate from the green parts (tops) (If ramps aren't available, use scallions)
1/2 cup red wine, preferably fruity such as merlot, pinot noir, grenache, etc.
1 tbsp butter, cut into little pieces

1. Heat a sauce pan well over medium-high heat, put in enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan and drop in the stems of the ramps.  Add a pinch of salt and cook for about a minute, until just translucent.
2.  Add the radishes and wine and bring it to a boil.
3. Once it boils, reduce the heat to low and cover. (you could also throw it in a 350˚F over if you are baking something and have space) and cook for 20-25 minutes, until the radish are nice and tinder.
4. Just before serving, fold in the butter and the tops of the ramps. (if they've cooled, heat them up a little bit before you do this.)

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